Portrait of Copped On founder Barbara Franzoni

I’m Barbara, the founder of Copped On Digital Media, and I’m here to get you ‘copped on’ to using digital media to help your business, both online and offline.

The digital revolution has changed how the world does business. Firstly, the way our customers find us has changed, along with how we transact and present ourselves. As a result, our markets have opened up and we can now talk with almost anyone, from almost anywhere and at pretty much any time. Most importantly, how we interact with customers has changed, allowing for more personal engagement and relationship building.

The digital world is an amazing place, and I want to help you to be a greater part of it.

My qualifications include:

  • DIgital Marketing Institute Symbol links to DiplomaProfessional Diploma in Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing Institute)
  • BA(Hons) in Creative Digital Media (First Class Honours 1.1)
  • Bachelor Degree in Creative Digital Media (Distinction)
  • Certificate in Marketing (Marketing Institute of Ireland)

I have worked with businesses across various industries for more than twenty years. I recently used my creative and digital skills to help two hackathon teams achieve first place success. Furthermore, some of my social media work, most notably #AbleHour, was nominated for awards in the areas of social inclusion and “giving back”.

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What you get when you get copped on

Wondering exactly what you get when you get Copped On? Then read our charter by clicking the word cloud.

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Link here to the Copped On Charter
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