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Finding different suppliers for different digital services can be a pain. It’s costly in terms of both money and time. Copped On Digital Media takes the pain out of entering the digital world, helping you to find your consistent and credible digital voice.

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In addition to the above, we can also advise on the following:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Engagement and Optimisation
  • Website Design and set-up

The Copped On VISION:

That everyone is presented well online

It’s what we do

We’ll help you to put your very best digital foot forward.  We are copped on and attentive to even the smallest details that are important in establishing trust and credibility. This is why we also offer a proofreading service. You can trust Copped On Digital Media to present you in the best light and put you on the digital map.

Angela O'Connor

Highest Quality

"I would 100% recommend Barbara. Her work is impeccable and of the highest quality. She has a unique ability to focus in on the smallest details and the results are outstanding. She is a very focused and dedicated person."


Angela C. O'Connor CEO of Train Ability June 30, 2018

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Barbara Franzoni is the founder of Copped On Digital Media, specialising in branding and visual storytelling. Along with her enormous passion for film, photography and design, she has a first-class honours degree in Creative Digital Media and a professional diploma from the Digital Marketing Institute. Barbara has also been a contributor to Irish Tech News.

Barbara is available for talks and presentations, with particular emphasis on digital design, digital marketing and other digital services. She has also given talks on starting a business and changing career.

Barbara has spoken at many events including Tech Connect Live 2019, B4B Summer Networking, Pine Hub and Biz Expo 2020. Barbara’s talks on Design as the Silent Brand Ambassador and Using Colour Psychology to Send a Message have been particularly well received. She is also available to talk and present on any aspect of brand imagery, video, photography or logo design.

Barbara has a unique combination of skills. Her experience in design and film-making can help you with all of your digital needs. Find a consistent look from your logo or promotional videos, to beautiful headshot photography and business cards. Her mantra is to present a consistent and unified message across your entire brand.

Changing Career

Deciding to change career and go to college was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am 100% confident that this was the right decision for me. There were, of course, shaky moments in college when I asked myself what on earth I had been thinking to start on this path. The shakiest moment of all came in my final year of college when seIf-doubt caused me to change my final year project four times. I finally settled on a poetic documentary. The documentary was about Imposter Syndrome, which I was experiencing first-hand even while researching it academically.  After graduation, I again doubted my decision, suspecting I was not cool enough for such a young industry, and those doubts were further fuelled by age issues in relation to graduate programs.


When I thought about starting my own business, I worried that my college peers might think I was getting above myself. Many of my college peers were in graduate programs or working as interns. I worried that lecturers would think back on every mistake I ever made while I was learning and marvel at my sheer brass neck for thinking I could be good enough to do this myself. Perhaps former colleagues would refer to me unkindly as being a jumped-up-little-secretary or something similar. But none of that was the case.

I listened to a radio interview with a wonderful empowerment coach who changed my mind. She said that many people were held back unnecessarily by the fear of what others may think. She stressed that unless those opinions came with an actual stake in my livelihood (such as from someone who was paying my mortgage) then they weren’t important enough to sway my plans. That’s when I ‘copped on’ that this was my decision.

Stakeholder theory

My husband’s opinion matters as he is a stakeholder in my life. My daughter is another stakeholder and so she affects my decisions. And of course, I am the chief stakeholder in my own life. However, opinions from outside my stakeholder family are not important enough to sway a decision. And so Copped On Digital Media was born and has, thankfully, thrived. Since starting the business, I’ve heard nothing but praise and compliments from former colleagues, peers and lecturers. They were all delighted that I’m making a go of it because they knew what I didn’t know, that I was more than capable. They never doubted me, the only doubts that existed were in my own head.

Advice on Changing Career

My advice to anyone else thinking of changing careers is to go for it! There is a wonderful quote attributed to George Elliot which states that it is never too late to be what you might have been.

What might you have been if you hadn’t settled for a steady job instead of spreading your wings and following your dreams? Maybe, like me, you became a helpless passenger on the redundancy rollercoaster, too afraid to look down while closing your eyes and waiting for steady ground. Well, great things don’t happen when you’re just a passenger. Great things only happen when you take control of your life, and once you make your decision, you’ll be amazed at how much help you will receive. I’m happy, I’m optimistic and I’m proud of what I do, knowing that I’m finally using my creative talents.

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