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Angela O'Connor

“I would 100% recommend Barbara. Her work is impeccable and of the highest quality. She has a unique ability to focus in on the smallest details and the results are outstanding. She is a very focused and dedicated person.”


Angela C. O’Connor CEO of Train Ability Content Proofing of Website June 30, 2018

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Words can be very powerful when used well and destructive if used clumsily. This is why everyone needs excellent content proofing. I offer two services in this regard; content creation and proofreading.

Writing Service

I love to create flawless web and social media content and have written articles that were published in Irish Tech News.

I write with precision, clarity and credibility, thus enabling you to communicate great ideas while staying on brand. My creative storytelling skills and researching know-how will promote engagement, helping you to inspire new audiences with your message.

The result is excellent long-form or short-form copy combined with professional imagery. This smart, powerful and original content will captivate your audience in both their social and web experiences.

Content Proofing

Credibility will make or break any enterprise and can be lost with a single typo. For your business to succeed, it must be presented in a way that inspires confidence. I’m not only fastidious when it comes to spelling and grammar, but I’ll also advise on excellent layout, tone-of-voice and readability.

Proofing, or proofreading, means carefully reading through your website or other content to find and fix errors as well as suggesting alternative wording for better flow and readability. I often proofread web content, flyers, brochures, documents and presentations.

Some things I look for when proofreading content:

Spectacles with pen and notebook to illustrate content proofing beside copped on digital media business cards

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Readability and Word Flow
  • Great Storytelling
  • Compelling Call-to-Action
  • Structured information
  • Link structure
  • SEO
  • Imagery
  • Overall impression and credibility

Even if you’re already confident in your writing ability, most business owners agree that it’s vitally important to have another person look over your content. That fresh pair of eyes can be the difference between a sale and an exit. Automatic ‘spell-check’ is a nice tool but you need a highly skilled and well-read human who can discern the meaning behind your words and put that message forward in the very best way.

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