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I recently hired Barbara to design my company logo and branding. She was a pleasure to work with from start to finish taking time to really understand me and my business. Barbara succeeded in turning my ideas into something vibrant and creative that is uniquely personal and reflective of my business. I am delighted with the finished product - thanks for all your hard work! 

Anne-Marie Money Coaching Ireland October 13, 2020

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Get Copped On with great graphic design for Logos, Business Cards, Display Advertising, Presentations and Documents

Logo Design

Your logo should be original, recognisable, functional and also scalable in size so it can be placed on either a pen or a bus. Most importantly it must sum up what your brand is about and instantly communicate this meaning to any audience. We choose colour palettes for their psychological meaning as much as their compatibility.  Therefore logo design is considered to be a science, as well as an art.

Mrs Franzoni’s Cakes (full)

The text is shaped to resemble a 3-tier wedding cake. The unusually fancy font suits the fancy world of cake decorating and has been checked for scalability. The colour purple indicates a premium product that is worth paying more for.
Mrs Franzoni’s Cakes (full)

Mrs Franzoni’s Cakes (symbol only)

“Home-baked with love”. Flat design utilising Gestalt, Unity and negative space to depict a smiling wooden spoon in front of a heart. Red and orange are appetite-stimulating colours to signify tastiness. Brown signifies wholesome goodness.

Mrs Franzoni’s Cakes (symbol only)

Bump ‘n’ Be

The product is a series of bumps on the road to guide vision impaired pedestrians in a straight line. RFID chips in the bumps deliver information to the pedestrian’s phone.

Bump ‘n’ Be

Reflexology with Paula

The circles resemble toes as reflexology is practised on feet. The large circle and arm represent the practitioner treating a patient. Green and blue convey medical credibility, trust and calm. Purple signifies a premium service worth paying more for.

Reflexology with Paula

Dublin 15 Disability Peer Support Group

Yellow and blue are the colours of parent organisation, CIL. The yellow D and white 15 convey its D15 location. The speech bubble denotes a place to talk. The background blue L is a nod to the term ‘Leaders’ and symbolises an open door (all are welcome).

Dublin 15 Disability Peer Support Group


CosySense Memory blankets for Dementia patients. The colours convey clinical/medical expertise. The arrangement of letters into a face symbolises piecing together a patient’s memories to help find the person they once were and reconnect with their lost identity.


Business Cards

“You won’t get a second chance
to make a first impression”

Although we can talk about re-branding

When meeting new people, you need to have a business card to give them. This should be of good quality and stand out from the rest. Allow us to come up with a professional and memorable design so you can always make a great impression with your business cards.


“A picture paints a thousand words”

But will your customers READ a thousand of your words?

Documents & Slides

We can layout your important documents for professional printing. This might suit documents such as Brand Guidelines, Health and Safety Books, etc. We can also design your slides, for that important presentation.

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