The Power of Video

Video has a unique ability to capture and hold people’s attention. Audiences are 10 times more likely to engage with video than any other content. This is why most marketers call video the platform with the highest Return On Investment (ROI).

Ways to use video:

Barbara Franzoni at work creating videos - hyperlink on this photo to showreel

  • Explain Product/Service
  • Showcase benefits and features
  • Catch people’s attention
  • Reveal what’s behind-the-scenes
  • Introduce staff members
  • Increase brand loyalty

Barbara Franzoni has various writing, directing and animating credits to her name. She can help you figure out your video needs.

Have a look at some of her work.

Video Showreel

Barbara Franzoni Showreel 1 (2017) from Barbara Franzoni on Vimeo.

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Video and Animation

Below are links to more examples of Barbara’s film work, including the recently screened documentary, Leading Independence, which was praised by the Mayor of Fingal at its Draiocht screening and the poetic short, Nobody’s Perfect, which has been chosen for screening at this year’s FAM Film Festival.

Leading Independence

This screenshot from the documentary shows a guide dog under a meeting table.
Leading Independence short documentary

A short documentary commissioned by Dublin 15 Disability Peer Support Group on their members and how each one has been positively affected by the group. Made in association with BCIL. Directed, shot and cut by Barbara Franzoni.

View Leading Independence on Vimeo



On Track with MSRS

On Track with MSRS Screenshot
On Track with MSRS Recruitment Vid

Recruitment/Promotional video for Motorsport Rescue Services. MSRS is a voluntary organisation that is, nevertheless, also highly professional. I was delighted with this filming opportunity at Mondello Park. This short promotional video was included in the Better Together competition 2016.

View ‘On Track with MSRS’ on Vimeo


Professional Profile – Language

Screenshot from profile video showing Adam May's office
Professional Profile – Adam May

A video portrait of an advertising legend. This is an industry interview with Adam May of Language. Language has done a lot of work with Women’s Aid and this short video shows that particular high-profile and successful campaign.
Could your business or organisation benefit from profiling a key staff member?

View Adam May Professional Profile on Vimeo


The Problems of Success

Problems of Success Screenshot
The Problems of Success short kinetic type

Perhaps a short explainer video would help your product reach the right audience. One way to do that is with Kinetic Typography. In this example, I have added kinetic type in After Effects to a speech by Neil Gaiman referring to The Imposter Syndrome.

View The Problems of Success on Vimeo



Gnome Love

Gnome Love Animation

A sweet little story about a gnome attempting to grow love in his lonely garden. I wrote this story with love and optimism and I created the animation in Flash CC using my own graphics. Beware the cheesiness! This love story is guaranteed to make you smile.

View Gnome Love on Vimeo



Nobody’s Perfect

Scene from Nobody's Perfect depicting a young male office worker standing at Grand Canal Docks
Nobody’s Perfect – Poetic Short Film

An inspiring and poetic film about self-confidence and The Imposter Syndrome. In this experimental short, I have used a variety of actors to deliver my script at different locations. Each character was mired in their own lack of self-confidence, oblivious to the knowledge that everyone feels that way and nobody is truly perfect.

View Nobody’s Perfect on Vimeo


Wood Burner

WoodBurner Documentary
Wood Burner – Mini-Documentary

Inspired by the RTE series “Hands”, this short documentary shows an artist in pyrography demonstrating her skills, talking about her craft and sharing her unique wisdom on life in general.

Gill’s work is breath-taking.

View Wood Burner on Vimeo



Billie – Short Film

Heart-warming short drama featuring the father of a young adult with autism. Made in college. Features the acting of Maurice Keogh, Deirdre McDyer & Laura Masterson.

View Billie on Vimeo



The Magician

The Magician - Short Film
The Magician – Short Film

This short film was made with three of my college peers as a 2nd-year group project. It’s a quirky tale of magic, perseverance and overcoming challenges.

View The Magician on Vimeo


Salmon of Knowledge

Salmon of Knowledge screenshot
Salmon of Knowledge animation

Short animation depicting the Celtic myth of Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the Salmon of Knowledge. Animated in Flash with my own graphics and recorded dialogue.

View Salmon of Knowledge on Vimeo






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