Audio and Podcasts

How sound are you?

I’m passionate about audio editing and insist that audio podcasts and vox pops are properly structured with clean sounds and interesting effects. The ear is less forgiving than the eye, so good editing is crucial.

The two main audio services I offer are edited Vox Pops and Podcasts.

Vox Pops

I’m a big fan of Vox Pops as they’re short and snappy for great entertainment. Vox Pops are attention-grabbing and fun to make. They’re particularly great for gathering reactions which is why I recommend making vox pops at events. Consider asking questions like “Who was your favourite speaker and why?” or “What was your key takeaway from today?”.

Here’s a sample vox pop I made on the theme of ‘Pride’:


Podcasts are more in-depth and are rising in popularity. I love a great podcast but cannot abide boring, unedited podcasts where one person drones on for ages without hitting a point.
Nobody wants to listen to that!

Please don’t make boring podcasts! A great podcast will tell a story, whether that’s a story in the traditional sense or the story of a theme or idea.

Here’s a NON-BORING podcast I made. It combines different voices, music and sound effects to tell a beautiful story of love and bombs.

I can also help with recording audio for videos, audio troubleshooting for pre-existing videos (although you should be aware that not all audio issues can be fixed) and I can advise or help source royalty-free music for your videos.

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