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TechConnect Live at the RDS

Photo of people walking around in the tech connect live hall
Barbara speaking on the social media stage at RDS. Barbara wears a blue dress and holds a microphone and is laughing while behind her we see social media icons on a screen and in front are the heads of the audience listening.

This week I attended the annual TechConnect Live event in Dublin’s RDS. I was invited to speak about some design and branding principles, which was my absolute pleasure.

I put together the following presentation which went down very well.

I’ve been asked to deliver the same presentation again at the upcoming Ballymun 4 Business Summer BBQ so I won’t spoil it by including an explanation for each slide (not just yet anyway).

Slides from TechConnect Live

If you were at TechConnect, thank you for your attention, the warm reception and for laughing in the right places. I hope that you now have some ideas for giving your silent ambassador a script.

Next talk: B4b Summer BBQ

This presentation focused on the psychology behind colours and fonts. I will include subliminal meanings for lines in my next presentation, as well as more colours. The next talk is for members of the wonderful Ballymun 4 Business community (B4b). If you want to know more about B4b, check out their website at

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